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Swap, Stake, Battle, Mine - ZOO Crypto World is revolutionizing the GameFi space by gamifying DeFi.

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Get your hands on the ZOO governance token! It allows ZOO warriors to battle, stake for juicy rewards and have fun!

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Jungle Farming

ZOO Crypto World allows investors to stake and invest in our secure Jungle farming pools that offer immense returns.

Battle in the Arena

Become a LEGENDARY figther in the Jungle as you battle in PvP against other players in intense arena encounters. Join now and recieve KEY prizes for battling in the arena.

Unlock NFTs

Try your luck and open loot chests to generate your own NFT animal to battle against other players or bosses. NFTs also mine ZOO everyday which creates passive, easy income!


NFT Animals provide passive income to YOU as a ZOO warrior. Not only can you battle or stake but mine with passive ZOO flowing into your wallet every second with NO WORK.

The Jungle Ecosystem

The Jungle ecosystem is a complex economic model designed to provide stability, profit and fun to all ZOO warriors.

ZOO token

ZOO is the governance token of the Jungle. Fixed at a supply of 800 million, ZOO is utilised in battles, lotteries, staking and more!

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KEY token

KEY is the utility token of the ZOO Crypto World Metaverse. With an unlimited supply, KEYs can be used to unlock NFTs!

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The true heroes of ZOO Crypto World - our community. Check out all the ZOO Crypto World socials below!

Meet our Team

An insight to some of the team members working on ZOO Crypto World. Only 5 have been listed below. In reality, ZOO Crypto World has over 20 team members all working under the umbrella of Singularity Studio.


CEO and Co-Founder of Singularity Studio, an Ivy League graduate who has worked in Blizzard Entertainment as a senior regional manager for more than ten years.


CMO and Co-Founder of Singularity Studio, graduated from The Polytechnic University of Hong Kong and has hands-on experience within the IT industry for over ten years.


CTO and Co-Founder of Singularity Studio, a sophisticated full-stack engineer and is the president of a middle-sized E-Commerce company, worked as a white-hat hacker in Slowmist for a total of 5 years.


CFO of ZOO Crypto World, an experienced community manager who multi tasks with finance, auditing and managing community/marketing interactions for ZOO Crypto World. Has experience in financial auditing for over 10 years.


CTO of ZOO Crypto World, a full-stack developer with experience in blockchain, front-end, back-end development and security analysis in multiple cryptocurrency projects who multitasks as a community manager.

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